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Θ∀L∀Θ ~ ala
12 October 2012 @ 09:48 pm

(´);。 WELCOME!!

     Hey thar. This is Hydee, formerly bakahachi. I moved here for personal reasons (mainly, convenience) and to make things easier for me. If you've been my friend in my former journal and still feel like adding me again (ooh, Iunno), you don't have to comment here anymore and just add me right away.

      For those who just encountered my journal (and never became my friend in
bakahachi), DO COMMENT HERE because it's a must to know your reason and as much as possible, no friending-for-the-sake-of-a-bigger-f-list. Another thing, I might sound tactless or I might have entries that contain bashing of a certain fandom/entertainer(s), so you are warned. :)

     (=゚ω゚) I'm somewhat a postwhore too. I always update my journal and if you hate it, DON'T FRIEND ME. Yea, I discourage you for your own good. Unless you're really interested about the stuff I post. If you hate facemarks and Japanese emoticons and all ghei thingies, DON'T FRIEND ME and it's fine.

     Thanks for reading and if you're having second-thoughts in adding me, trust your intuitions.

     If you won't comment here, I  WON'T ADD YOU BACK. It's my rule here and that's just simple. ^^

Because HI!FLY's ridaa says, "Quality over quantity..." XD

And...if I sounded like a bitch, you don't have to ask...I am. XD I don't sound friendly and warm.
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Θ∀L∀Θ ~ ala
15 February 2009 @ 01:31 pm
I'm busy but please let me flail and spazz.....

Yeah, I wanna get this goddamned project done in an hour so I could finish Season 1. The internet connection here is wonky too and I can't download Season 2. ):

I love the UsagixMisaki pairing, but I think I like the HirokixNowaki pairing more. Hahaha, Nowaki's such a martyr, he should get shot at Bagumbayan. Usagi, argh oh you pedo, but ILU, yeah.

I blame signs3025  for pimping it to me, so ya better join the epidemic and watch it if you can. Nyahahahars.

Lemme know if you tried watching, if ever. Heeheehee

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Θ∀L∀Θ ~ ala
14 February 2009 @ 12:05 am
♥♥♥♥Collapse )♥♥♥♥Collapse )
P.S.: for those who sent me a PM. Thank you so much! I'm okay, and it's not really something serious or life-threatening. I just have to take care of myself more.

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Θ∀L∀Θ ~ ala
02 January 2009 @ 12:36 am

Secret activities. Mountain trip. Soul-searching. Schoolwork.

For those who I haven't added back or will add me, I can't add you back, that's it. This journal will suffer neglection for the meantime. Adding me won't earn you a ticket to heaven.

Thank you.
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